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This tileset include:

  • 88 terrain tiles
  • 43 items and objects (air aconditioner, barrel, 2x bin, 4x building, 2x bush, 3x car, cardboard box, 3x container, 2x crates, door, food stand, garbage bag, lantern, railing, stairs, 2x traffic bollard, traffic cone, traffic light, traffic sign, 6x tree, vending machine, 2x wall, 2x wild grass, 2x window)
  • 1 layered background (3 layers) horizontal tileable
  • Spritesheet included
  • 3 different sizes

Transparent PNG format.

Updated 8 days ago
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Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Hand-drawn, Puzzle-Platformer, Tileset


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Hi. I've just released a game using these assets. If you'd like to take a look, here's the link.

hey! it's looks great. I'm going to give a try it in these days. Congrats


Y'know, I love that I got all these game assets in this pack, thus giving me additional fuel for my hobbyist game-design doodling, but this stuff is just making me remember that I once (like a decade or two ago) started a project to make RPGMaker-style trees for, like, all the conifers and maybe some of the broadleafs as well.

I do not have time to delve back into pixel art.  I really hope my Muse doesn't pick up this idea and run with it, not right now.

But anyway!  Thank you for creating this set.  The trees really look neat, and I like how the shadows make it feel more defined.  And the car looks pretty darn sweet!

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Thanks for your kind words.  It's great when i see my assets in other people projects, it feels really good. 

I hope it fit in some of your project.


Really nice assets, but what's the license for this?


Thanks!About the license.

"Use the asset only in one (1) end product or game title."
Does this mean that in order to use the assets in a second end product, one must pay for a second copy of the assets?

Also, I assume this implies that if the games never get to the public-distribution phase, they don't count, but if the game gets to public distribution (beyond alpha stage?), it counts even if it's distributed for free instead of for money.


Hi, I edited to make it less confused and less restrictive. Now you can use it in as many projects you like :D


Thank you!  That was fast, and it's much easier to understand now.  I appreciate the update!